About Us

We build to improve lives


We believe that WHY we build makes all the difference for WHAT we build. XL is a purpose-driven organization focused on improving lives and having a positive impact on our communities by the types of projects we build, by being the safest contractor in California, and by focusing on being a great company to work for and with.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple. We build to improve lives.

Our Values

We live by three core values:

We not me: Team success is what drives us and makes our work meaningful and fun. We approach our work with a deep appreciation for the people we work with; including our XL colleagues, our partners, and our clients. We choose to work with people who strive for success for all team members. We never let ego get in the way, never point fingers, never leave a teammate behind, and never take credit for exceptional work alone.

Be true: We are proud of who we are and what we can do. We don’t want to be selected for a project based on pretense, but rather because we are the right fit for the job. We choose to work with people who share our interest in fairness, mutual respect, honesty, and integrity. We appreciate “straight shooters” – both inside and outside of the organization.  We never misrepresent who we are, never sacrifice our principles, and never fail to meet our commitments.

Go beyond: We believe in going beyond what is expected, beyond what defined excellence yesterday, beyond what is considered possible. In pursuit of enhanced project delivery, team synergy, and community development, we embrace change and its power to accelerate our performance to the highest levels. We never accept less than our best, never do what is easy over what is right, never stop learning, and never settle for the status quo.

Our People

Smart, driven, fun, and focused on one another’s success. It is truly our people that make XL’s culture one of a kind. XLers are passionate about building, but know that part of the reward is working with each other, supporting each other, and celebrating each other’s successes. From the newest intern to the most seasoned veteran, XLers know it’s the people that make for great projects. Comprised of golfers, runners, community activists, triathletes, car buffs, little league coaches, tennis players, beer brewers, students, teachers, urban chicken farmers, (and the list goes on) XLers are not just builders of buildings, but builders of fun too. Get to know them here.

Our Projects

Our work is inspired by the knowledge that we are improving the communities in which we live and work through the projects we construct. Working with some of the most innovative companies in the world, we focus on markets that allow us to build projects that truly matter: laboratories in which cures for diseases are discovered; schools where future generations learn and are inspired; medical centers that save countless lives every day; and facilities that produce the latest technological innovations.


25 Years and Counting

25 years ago, XL was founded on the principle of providing excellence in construction delivery and client satisfaction. Over the years, the idea of excellence and going beyond solidified and came to include employee development and growth, technical skills, partnerships with design and trade firms, and service to the community. And the company grew!
From humble beginnings and four employees, XL has become one of the top contractors in the Bay Area, has been voted by its employees as the Best Place to Work, and generates over 80% of its work from repeat clients. It has been a great journey so far, but there is more to do.

We will continue to lean out, get ever more efficient, find more effective ways of aligning all parties on a project, better serve our clients, and build the next generation of builders. With a solid foundation beneath us, we are ready for the challenge.

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Our History

XL was founded in 1992 in the heart of Silicon Valley. Founders Eric Raff and Dave Beck set out to create a construction company built on the idea of excellence and complete customer satisfaction. As the company grew, it found its niche in technical building. The XL teams were extraordinarily good at understanding complex building systems and contributing to solutions for the facilities users. When Mario Wijtman joined the executive team in 1998, XL turned its technical prowess to the life sciences industry. Building for healthcare was a natural next step. Within a few years, XL’s core markets were coming clear; science and technology, education, structures and interiors, and healthcare.

XL’s purpose was uncovered in 2006, when the company was undergoing a rebranding effort to keep up with its continued growth. As part of the process, Eric began an informal employee survey asking them what it was that made them so passionate and proud about their work. Almost to a man (and a woman) the reply he got back was that the projects XL built mattered; that they helped kids learn, people heal, scientists discover. Thus, “We build to improve lives” was born.

The ensuing years saw XL apply that purpose to all aspects of the business, expanding it from just the projects it constructed to an idea that informed employee practices, approach to teamwork and partnership, and community service.

Today, XL has three offices in the Bay Area and Sacramento and employs over 400 people. Consistent emphasis on customer satisfaction has led to about 80 percent of new projects coming from existing clients. XL is regularly ranked among the top General Contractors in the Bay Area by the Silicon Valley Business Journal/San Francisco Business Times, as well as one of the Best Places to Work and Healthiest Employers.