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XL kicks off 2013 with 5 years and over 2,000,000 manhours with no lost time, one of the best EMRs in the state, a CEA Excellence in Safety Award, and a rating of Best in Class from Zurich. Considering that 2012 was one of considerable growth, with manhours increasing by about 25%, this is no small accomplishment.


Safety Director Mike Popp credits the success to the unwavering attention safety receives companywide. From Co-founder and President Eric Raff to the newest laborer, safety is top of mind.


“There is an incredible safety culture at XL,” says Mike. “Our goal is to send everyone home safe to their families every day and everyone buys into that.”


Everyone is involved – from the day a new person starts and gets their safety orientation, to pre-task planning and site-specific project plans, to jobsite safety walks, to multiple training opportunities throughout the year. As a contractor focused on being a team player, XL’s program encourages and encompasses subcontractor focus on safety as well.


Never satisfied that we are doing everything that can be done to ensure the safety of our people and our clients, XL is taking the next step, implementing Predictive Solutions to help identify risks before they happen.




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