Antioch Students get Unique “Living Classroom” Experience at Topping Out

By April Willoughby | Mar 09, 2015 ShareShare

XL is currently constructing a new Lease-Leaseback 20,000 s.f. two-story administration and library building for Antioch High School. Despite numerous rain delays, the XL team is right on schedule to deliver the building in September 2015.

Because the project is being built on an occupied, functioning school campus, Antioch High School Engineering Academy and XL Education Senior Superintendent Jim Sly have teamed up to create a ‘living classroom’ environment. Sly leads a series of informational tours for Engineering Academy students to learn about the construction industry first-hand.

IMG_3175  IMG_3200

This ground-up project gives Antioch High School students the opportunity to see their new Administration and Library Building built – literally – from the ground up. Students are learning about the physics, engineering, material choices, and the extensive planning that goes on behind the scenes during construction. Last week, Sly and Project Engineer Alex Passeggi updated AUSD freshmen and seniors on the building’s current status, then invited students to sign the final beam before topping out.

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