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  • December 3, 2015

    Recently I, along with project executives Jason Fox and Kevin Ng presented a webinar for the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) on the use of leading indicators to improve project safety, methods that have led to XL’s industry-low EMR of 0.35.

    Traditional construction safety programs focus on incidents and accidents as the primary measurement of safety performance. While these measurements are a good indicator of past performance, an evaluation of leading indicators of incidents has proven to provide a more robust and efficient method for evaluating the overall effectiveness of construction safety measures. This program describes XL’s efforts to develop measurement matrices for safety leading indicators, and how those measurements are being used to improve construction safety. The presentation reviews the measurement tools, challenges of implementation, improvements to the overall jobsite safety program based on the data, and the objectives for moving forward in the program’s development.

    Learn more about LCI here.

  • August 21, 2013

    XL recently had our first Cal/OSHA Golden Gate inspection on a confidential client’s new ground-up corporate restaurant project, which includes an underground parking structure. I’m happy to report that the project passed the inspection with flying colors, putting XL in an elite group that has achieved “Golden Gate” status with Cal/OSHA. The OSHA Inspector was unable to find any deficiencies in our Safety Program Manual, Corporate Documentation, Field Inspections or on the physical jobsite. He stated that it was “very clear that XL has an exemplary safety program and one that most importantly is reflected in our safety culture.”

    These words are a clear testament to XL’s commitment to safety and got me thinking about what it is about XL that enables our safety success – not just the Golden Gate recognition, but also accolades from the CEA, over 2,000,000 man hours with no lost time injuries, multiple A ratings from ISN and a 0.38 EMR.

    The biggest catalyst for our safety success is a simple but inviolable belief pervading the company that everyone deserves to return home every day to their loved ones without injury. We use every tool available to ensure we achieve this, including day one safety orientation, safety updates at the start of every staff meeting, comprehensive safety manuals, extensive training using Click Safety, Predictive Solutions to solve potential problems before they occur, and incentives to acknowledge and thank our people for positive outcomes.

    Combining this comprehensive support system with our exceptional safety staff and project teams, whose thorough pre-planning and careful execution always emphasize safety, leads to great results. And while our results are exceptional, we continue to challenge ourselves to find new ways to raise the safety performance bar. The one challenge that will always lie before us is continuous improvement, to continue driving XL to the next level. And when there is no next level to reach, we plan to create new ones and strive for goals that no other company has.