Building to Improve Lives: Lowell Children’s Library

By April Willoughby | Jun 15, 2016 ShareShare

The new Fr. David and Elaine Lowell Children’s Library provides a calm, healing place where families can bond through reading. Located in the former Raphael House Chapel, the space was redesigned to promote learning and discovery while honoring its history. On April 30th, XL Construction was thrilled to partner with HomeAid and donate materials and services for the Lowell Children’s Library renovation. The new library is the perfect addition to the Raphael House

 “On behalf of the Board of Directors of Raphael House, our staff and its families, I would like to share our deepest gratitude for the care and love that was shown to our community today.  It was such an honor to be chosen to work with you all on a community project. There was great synergy between the work of the community and the impact it will have on our families and their children. 

To see a former hospital chapel transformed into a space where it’s potential is now maximized is incredible. This children’s library is meant to be a safe, warm and reflective environment where children that have experienced trauma, displacement or fear can go and immerse themselves in a safe world.

Thank you for being so thoughtful with your pictures, questions and explanation of who you are today in your dedication book for the library. We are grateful for XL’s generosity; you all should be very proud.”

Kate Smith
Raphael House Board Chair

Kate, we are equally as grateful for the incredible opportunity to work with your organization!

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