Coupling Lean and Agile Principles to Achieve Target Value Delivery

By April Willoughby | Oct 10, 2019 ShareShare

On October 10th, Healthcare Project Executive Jason Fox and Lean Guru Andreas Phelps presented with Todd Henderson of Boulder Associates at the Kaiser Permanente 2019 Preferred Provider Symposium. Our presentation tackled the “Encouraging a Lean Culture” theme from both a design and construction perspectives. The presenters introduced Agile and Lean approaches, provided tools and how to use them, and shared examples and proofs of where this approach has worked in the past.


  1. Design is a different animal from construction, but the two are joined at the hip.
  2. Agile offers tools that are better for design and integration with builders.
  3. Understand how to:
    -Select the right mix of approaches
    -Utilize them in the best way
    -Optimize the potential of Target Value Delivery

For more information on Lean and Agile Principles and how they can help achieve Target Value Delivery, please contact Jason Fox.


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