Kaiser Permanente’s Bishop Ranch MOB Goes LEED Gold!

By Laura Guzman | Mar 25, 2014 | Meet the Blogger | More Posts by Share

This three-story, 70,000 s.f., state-of-the-art Medical Office Building in San Ramon, CA received LEED Gold certification from the USGBC on March 13, 2014 – the first LEED Gold for Kaiser in Northern California. Some of the elements the new MOB has implemented include:

– Use of thermafusers for individual temperature control
– Task lighting and energy efficient fixtures for a 35% reduction in power consumption
– Plumbing fixtures reducing water consumption by 35%
– Metering to monitor energy use
– Gradient etched glass at sidelights of perimeter offices provide both natural light to interior   corridors and privacy to office occupants

Negotiated procurement methods and early stakeholder involvement supported USGBC LEED certification efforts, allowing for charettes to validate design decisions, identify additional credits, energy saving ideas, and sustainable products, evaluate costs, and implement cost-effective design solutions.

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USGBC Scorecard

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