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  • June 27, 2019

    The new Animal Services Center will provide best-in-class shelter facilities and community space


    XL Construction breaks ground on the new County of Santa Clara Animal Services Center in San Martin, California. The new facility will replace an outdated, undersized facility with a new state-of-the art center featuring kennel space, an animal clinic, community space, and a park.

    The County of Santa Clara Animal Care and Control Department has been housed in a converted residential property since 1978. Several additions and temporary portables were added over the years but can no longer accommodate the County’s needs.

    “The shelter staff are an incredibly inspiring and dedicated group of people,” said Craig Ellis, Vice President from XL Construction.  “To be able to provide them with a facility that helps them achieve their mission in an environment that is healthier both to the animals and the people who work there, is extremely gratifying. Our mission is to ‘build to improve lives;’ this project enables us to do just that.”

    The new facility was designed by Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture, in collaboration with animal care designer, Bacon Group, Inc.

    Key features include:

    Animal Care Center: kennel pods and open exercise yards, free-roam rooms for cats, a small animal area, and barn.

    Animal Clinic: surgery facility featuring exam rooms, radiology, surgery suites, recovery suites and a private grief room.

    Park: a landscaped open-air courtyard that functions as a central meet-and-greet location for adoptable dogs to get to know potential owners.

    Community Space: large meeting facility available to both the County and other community organizations featuring a commercial kitchen and assembly area for up to 150 seated or 300 standing occupants.

    The building is designed to LEED Silver standards and is expected to be complete in 2021.

  • September 28, 2016

    A landmark in sustainable building for the City of Santa Rosa and County of Sonoma. Sonoma Academy is adding a rare facility to its campus to give students the experience they really need.

    September 9th marked the day that the Grange and Studios project at Sonoma Academy was officially underway. As “The most exciting building at Sonoma Academy,” Kitty Angell proclaimed, everyone is thrilled to see this vision coming out of the ground.

    The Grange building will have two kitchens – one food-service and one for teaching – and will provide a much needed space for students and faculty to gather, eat, hold meetings and study. Extending from the building, an organic garden will be used to teach farm-to-table and put it into action by producing meals for the community.

    The new Maker Studios will provide industrial design, engineering, electronics, animation/film and fabrication labs for hands-on learning and real-world experience for students.

    In addition to providing incredible, unique learning environments for students, the Grange and Studios project is seeking Living Building Challenge, LEED Platinum and Net Zero Energy Certifications. It is the first in Sonoma County and of its kind to do so. “We wanted to make it as sustainable as possible and focused on incorporating fresh air, natural lighting and absence of toxins” Rick Theis explained.

    A geoexchange system that uses the earth as heat source for the building’s heating and cooling; photovoltaic panels; a living green roof; rainwater harvesting; grey water collection and treatment systems; and radiant heating and cooling systems are some of the major sustainable features of the new building.

    Stay tuned to see the progression of the building that will make you want to go back to high school.