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  • February 16, 2021

    XL was recognized again by the Construction Employers’ Association (CEA) for excellence in safety as the recipient of the 2020 President’s Safety Award. This is the 10th consecutive year we have been awarded this honor.

    The President’s Safety Award recognizes contractors who meet at least four of the six following criteria set forth by the CEA:​

    1. ​Total Incident Rate that is 50% below industry average (Industry Average 3.0. XL’s Total Incident Rate .90)
    2. Lost Workday Incident Rate that is 50% below industry average (Industry Average is 1.0. XL’s is 0)
    3. Experience Modification Rate ≤ .70 (XL’s Experience Modification Rate is .40)
    4. Cal/OSHA recognized Voluntary Protection Program Construction (Cal/VPPC) participant
    5. Demonstration of an Active Training Program that includes complete and accurate records containing the number and names of employees trained in (with approximate dates of training): OSHA 10 Hour; First Aid/CPR; Competency in Scaffold, Excavation, and Fall Protection; Other Training. (XL has an active training program and meets the criteria of the application)

    This award is a testament to XL’s commitment to safety, even throughout a particularly challenging year with COVID-19, consistent with our safety mantra ‘Think Safe. Work Safe. Home Safe.’

  • January 24, 2020

    XL Construction was honored by the Construction Employers’ Association (CEA) for excellence in safety. XL received the 2019 President’s Safety Award along with 13 other companies. The President’s Safety Award recognizes contractors who meet four of the six criteria set CEA.


    1. Participation in Cal/OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program-Construction; or
    2. Demonstration of a comprehensive safety training program.
    3. To qualify for the Excellence in Safety awards, a company must have had total incident and lost workday rates at least 25% below the industry average, an X-Mod at or below 1.0 and demonstration of an active training program.
    4. A total injury and illness rate at least 50% below the industry average;
    5. A lost workday rate at least 50% below the industry average;
    6. An X-Mod no higher than .70.

    XL was honored to receive the award and will continue to follow their ‘Think Safe. Work Safe. Home Safe’ motto.

    Cal-OSHA Reporter: CEA Honors Top Safety Programs – January 24, 2020

  • March 21, 2018

    XL’s La Entrada Middle School New Classroom  project team hosted a site tour for a group of curious students and their parents. The two-hour tour included team and role introductions, personal protective equipment (PPE) explanation and distribution, seeing mock ups of finishes, safety demo, and a walk through where the students saw construction in action.

    What a great way to use a construction project as a living classroom to show students how their new classroom is constructed.

  • December 15, 2017

    “Safety is at the core of our team culture and we are proud of achieving this milestone. But, what remains most important is getting our workers home safe to their families every day.” – Eric Raff, President/CEO

  • May 5, 2017

    Constructech’s “Someone You Should Know” highlight was XL Construction and the topic was technology in the construction industry. See what Hitesh Dewan has to say about technology in construction and where it’s headed in the future.

    Someone You Should Know




  • August 21, 2013

    XL recently had our first Cal/OSHA Golden Gate inspection on a confidential client’s new ground-up corporate restaurant project, which includes an underground parking structure. I’m happy to report that the project passed the inspection with flying colors, putting XL in an elite group that has achieved “Golden Gate” status with Cal/OSHA. The OSHA Inspector was unable to find any deficiencies in our Safety Program Manual, Corporate Documentation, Field Inspections or on the physical jobsite. He stated that it was “very clear that XL has an exemplary safety program and one that most importantly is reflected in our safety culture.”

    These words are a clear testament to XL’s commitment to safety and got me thinking about what it is about XL that enables our safety success – not just the Golden Gate recognition, but also accolades from the CEA, over 2,000,000 man hours with no lost time injuries, multiple A ratings from ISN and a 0.38 EMR.

    The biggest catalyst for our safety success is a simple but inviolable belief pervading the company that everyone deserves to return home every day to their loved ones without injury. We use every tool available to ensure we achieve this, including day one safety orientation, safety updates at the start of every staff meeting, comprehensive safety manuals, extensive training using Click Safety, Predictive Solutions to solve potential problems before they occur, and incentives to acknowledge and thank our people for positive outcomes.

    Combining this comprehensive support system with our exceptional safety staff and project teams, whose thorough pre-planning and careful execution always emphasize safety, leads to great results. And while our results are exceptional, we continue to challenge ourselves to find new ways to raise the safety performance bar. The one challenge that will always lie before us is continuous improvement, to continue driving XL to the next level. And when there is no next level to reach, we plan to create new ones and strive for goals that no other company has.