Internships & Campus Recruiting

Internships & Campus Recruiting


Internships with XL provide an opportunity to experience actual construction practices in the field – to make a direct link between what you are learning in the classroom and the real world of construction. Ideally, when you return to school, your classes will have more meaning. Internships also provide us with a chance to get to know your capabilities as potential future employees.

We share our passion for building with you, in hopes that it will inspire in you a passion for the  industry, and for XL in particular. To do this, we provide rich, job site-focused experiences for interns, covering three categories of job tracks:

  • Traditional project engineer, a track towards a career as a project manager
  • Field engineer, with more field-focused activities, leading to a project superintendent career
  • Cost engineer, a path that can lead towards a career as an estimator or in preconstruction services

Further, we want you to get the full XL experience, including Thursday barbeques, bocce ball tournaments, special events with management, trainings, and summer schedule. You may also find yourself involved with our cycling, running, or yoga groups.

Campus Recruiting

We strongly support the next generation of XL project managers, project superintendents, estimators and preconstruction experts through our recruiting programs with the construction management and civil engineering programs at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal State Chico, Santa Clara University, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Sacramento State.  We also sponsor the ASC Regional Competition and Construction Management Conference.

Check our Events section for the next time you can find XL on your campus.