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Life Sciences

From drugs and food products to fuel and building materials, life sciences companies are reengineering life as we know it. Our team is renowned for its expertise in delivering the complex, state-of-the-art facilities required to support the advanced needs of organizations who are making the scientific breakthroughs that are reshaping society.

Advancing Life Science Innovation with Smart Spaces

As advancements in medicine, therapeutics and bioengineering surge, life science companies demand builders with expertise in delivering smart spaces that keep up with the pace of innovation. With clients that include the world’s most notable biopharmaceutical companies, our team has a proven track record of success in meeting aggressive schedules without compromising quality or safety, and balancing complex systems requirements with the evolving and advanced needs of users.

We Deliver

  • Wet and dry laboratories
  • High containment labs
  • Cleanrooms
  • Vivariums
  • Aseptic facilities
  • Pilot plants
  • cGMP warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Office and support space
  • Conversions

Exelixis’ Alameda project with XL Construction has been an unequivocal success by every objective standard. Our new space is just what the team envisioned when we first saw it in raw form more than 15 months ago. Now that the Exelixis team is settled in place, we are collaborating more effectively and share a renewed sense of energy and urgency to do our jobs even better than before; this is due in large part due to the awesome space we work in together. Congratulations to the entire XL team and thank you for helping making our vision a reality.

Michael Morrisey
CEO, Exelixis

XL Construction provides very competitive budgets in no more than a week. That’s why they are Phase 3’s preferred laboratory TI contractor in the Bay Area.

BJ Van Aken
Director of Leasing and Asset Management, Phase 3

XL Construction has been the preferred tenant improvement partner with Phase 3 in the SF Bay Area…they deliver high quality build-outs with predictable budgets and manage the delivery efficiently and effectively. Phase 3 would recommend XL and is confident in their ability to construct research and development improvements.

Michael Gerrity
President, Phase 3 Real 3 Real Estate Partners, Inc.

Hi All, I just wanted to recognize Geoff and Bobby for their contribution and specifically making the BAS successful. We have not had much success (from what I hear) on BAS delivery in the recent past. Both Geoff and Bobby were quick to escalate concerns to me back in Q1, what was important is that they escalated with ideas about how to turn the project around in this area. They have shown, with correct leadership, technical skills, and building the right relationship with Siemens they were able to deliver this system nearly flawlessly.

Michael Greening
Head of Project Delivery US, Genentech

Bobby, Thanks for making this project a success, all the GNE team says that they found your effort valuable and the project was well supported. I would like to say that XL as a team did a good job on managing all the MEP/Startup Scopes. The efforts to support Siemens BAS was especially a challenging area and you and the team were instrumental in that effort being successful.

Greg Burg
Senior Project Manager, Genentech

Transforming this facility from vision to reality during the global pandemic required tremendous creativity and dedication from our diverse team. We are thrilled to be recognized as the 2023 FOYA overall winner for our work bringing the next generation of innovative new medicines to patients.

Jeff Davis
Executive Director & Site Head, Genentech

The quality of the team and quality of work is outstanding. Especially with these difficult and complex projects. XL makes it happen.

Dana Aftab
EVP, Business Operations, Exelixis

I sincerely appreciate your team’s effort to produce the best possible result for all areas of construction, factoring in the very real constraints of budget and schedule. Although there are always ways to improve—be it in design or implementation—I never felt that XL didn’t fully exhaust all options in search of the best possible solution. For that, I commend and thank you—it makes the construction process that much better (and enjoyable)!

Mark Fairman
Senior Associate, Gensler

The XL team delivered what we wanted and how we wanted it. They fully aligned with our safety culture. No other general contractor has ever shown this much dedication.

Jane Beaudry
Construction Safety Manager, AstraZeneca

XL was always on-board with using design certainty from the start. The power to be able to see the model and what the building could be before it even happens is very valuable.

Martin Sharpless
Senior Project Director, Intuitive Surgical (formerly with AstraZeneca)

Life Sciences Leaders

Kevin Ng

Vice President of Science & Technology and Healthcare

Tate Chandler

Director, Science & Technology

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Have a project in mind?
We’d love to help.

Let us know how we can assist you with your projects.

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