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Dave Beck
Executive Vice President, Co-Founder

A co-founder of XL, Dave inspires the highest levels of project execution, client satisfaction and sustainability. His rules: put the client first, listen and find the best (not easiest) solutions, and do the work with the highest standards of quality and integrity. He brings his enthusiasm for excellence to every job and ensures that our project teams have the resources they need to deliver to the most exacting standards, having a great time in the process.

John Boneso

John’s influence can be felt in the office and on-site. A proponent of an enjoyable and collaborative workplace, John brings a sense of fun, fairness and commitment to excellence to his endeavors, and inspires the same in his teams. His 30 years of experience includes campuses for PDL BioPharma and a Confidential Client and data centers for Telegis Networks and Global Switch Data.

Tate Chandler
Director, Science & Technology

Tate’s career at XL has taught him a deep appreciation for the value of partnerships. Through his experiences on XL’s most technically complex projects, he prides himself in the great relationships he has forged with the design builders in the area. He is also passionate about developing XL team members’ skillsets and business acumen and has joined forces with our Learning and Development team to create a comprehensive engineer training program. As an ex-college athlete, he likes to compete at everything and loves working with people who are striving for continual improvement.

Craig Ellis
Senior Vice President, Civic & Education and Sacramento

Craig brings over 30 years of experience in construction to his role as head of our civic and education work at XL. (He’s also our resident juggler — both literally and figuratively!) He provides overall project leadership and guidance, ensuring all deliverables are met. While he truly enjoys the building process, his favorite part of the job is facilitating the growth of his peers as they navigate both success and hardships. His motto: Surround yourself with good people and things tend to work out.

Bob Fusiler
Director, Google

Over his 25+ year career, Bob has accrued broad industry relationships and a long list of accomplishments — including leading a team through design, DSA approval, and construction of a $5 million middle school conversion in just five months! Bob’s commitment to growth drives him at work and on the golf course. Golf is his ultimate challenge, offering endless room for improvement, and his incremental progress — like the occasional “eagle” — motivates his next round. But he’s still striving for that elusive hole-in-one…

Laura Guzman
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Laura is our chief communicator. She loves uncovering and sharing interesting stories about who we are and what we do, both internally and externally. So it’s no surprise that Laura’s happy place is the library: her source for continual learning, new ideas, and dreaming about future possibilities.

Tom Humbert

Tom brings decades of experience in both public and private equity enterprises to his role of CFO. His adaptability ensures variations in the process and operational shifts do not derail the results. Succeeding in these professional challenges is motivated by Tom’s core passion, which is his family. He understands that at work and at home, it’s the everyday small stuff that matters as much or more than the big milestones.

Alan Laurlund
Senior Vice President, Organizational Development

A true believer in developing lasting partnerships and human relationships, Alan is XL’s guru of ethics, people management, and client relations. Alan’s engaging, charismatic personality has helped him to lead teams for decades (and fueled his love of outlasting everyone else at the party). His passion for building stems from childhood, when he would do everything he could with his hands, including building models, serving as the handyperson for friends and family, and eventually working for a general contractor and architect in high school. The philosophy of his alma mater, Cal Poly, is “learn by doing,” and Alan’s embrace of that mindset is evident in his leadership and management style at XL.

Carol McKenna
Vice President, People

Carol is our expert people person. Her driving motto is “creating an environment that supports people to develop their greatest potential.” As Vice President, People, she brings an incredible background in designing, developing and delivering programs that enhance the employee experience, advance the organization’s DE&I strategy, and improve the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Kevin Ng
Vice President, Science & Technology and Healthcare

In his years at XL, Kevin has definitely made his mark. He has been an invaluable member on many of XL’s most notable healthcare and life sciences projects and pioneered XL’s use of lean construction practices. His favorite aspect of his job is meeting new people and solving difficult construction problems.

Alberto Perez
Vice President, Business Acquisition

As head of the Business Acquisition team, Alberto leads XL’s business acquisition efforts across all the company’s market sectors. Alberto and the BA team partner internally and externally to identify, develop and capture best-in-class projects and clients. Alberto’s Mexican heritage reflects the character and values he brings to work every day: hard-work, diligence, perseverance, pride, familia — and an enthusiasm for Mexican food and music.

Trace Pesavento
Vice President, Field Operations

Trace Pesavento brings decades of preconstruction and construction experience delivering large, complex projects across the Bay Area. In leading our field operations team, he works to ensure on-time delivery at the highest quality. He partners with project team leaders to provide our field staff with the necessary resources needed to deliver projects efficiently and safely. He’s passionate about spending time with his family, whether it be camping, attending sporting events or watching movies.

Mike Popp
Vice President, Environment, Health and Safety

As the leader of XL’s safety and risk management division, it’s no surprise that Mike’s favorite part of the job is ensuring people return home safely every day. If that doesn’t happen, nothing else matters. Mike has been instrumental in helping XL achieve its EMR of 0.74, as well as numerous safety awards from the CEA. He also directs all company policies and procedures regarding business risk management, insurance, and loss control. Mike likes to spend his free time “improving safety” on the golf course.

Eric Raff
Chairman, Co-Founder

Eric co-founded XL Construction in 1992 with Dave Beck. He is a champion of XL’s commitment to building to improve lives and its focus on projects that serve humanity, as well as XL’s commitment to being a great partner that delivers excellence in customer service — all of which are driven by Eric’s constant encouragement and support. From his days as a college football player to his passion for sailboat racing, Eric understands that the chance of success is higher with coordinated teamwork. Everyone plays a critical role, and regardless of where you finish, you finish together, as a team.

Marcus Staniford

As a President who values collaboration and team building, Marcus’ leadership and focus on employees and clients strengthens XL’s people-centric culture. He’s passionate about escaping into the mountains with family and friends. That time in nature allows him to slow down and refresh his mind and body, returning to work clearer and more energized.

Jeff Swinyer
Director, Civic & Education

Jeff’s broad project experience includes residences, laboratories, educational facilities, office campuses, healthcare, hospitality, parking garages — and everything in between. His professional emphasis on education carries over into his homelife, where he and his wife are most passionate about thoughtfully supporting and guiding their son and daughter.

Richard Walker

Richard’s leadership credentials are as wide ranging as his globetrotting. Previous positions in executive leadership, business development, risk management, and project management all inform his XL leadership style. Helping others achieve their goals is Richard’s passion, as he finds the most fulfillment from being part of someone’s path to success and happiness.

Steve Winslow
Senior Vice President

Steve’s 30 years of industry knowledge is vast, but he is particularly knowledgeable about alternative delivery methods like Design-build, CM-at-Risk, and Lease-leaseback. He’s passionate about influencing XL’s design-build and design-assist projects to accelerate construction time and improve cost efficiency. He understands that industry labor shortages have made project efficiency paramount and that developing more off-site prefabrication is one of the many solutions needed to meet this growing industry challenge.

Senior Executive Team

Expertise Built On Experience

XL’s senior executive team comes from a cross-section of backgrounds and industry expertise. We take pride in the diversity of thought and experiences that each executive brings to our projects. We take a collaborative approach to leadership and problem-solving, looking for opportunities to champion one another and promote our “we not me” core value.

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