Training & Development

Grow your skills and your career

Training & Development

Grow your skills and your career.

We consider the ongoing development of our staff – both newcomers and those who have been with us from the beginning – to be critical to our ability to deliver the best value to our clients and to be a great place to work for our people. With that in mind, we offer comprehensive training and staff development programs designed to teach everyone on our staff the “XL way” of doing business. These programs fall into the following categories:

XL University

Good training puts new employees in a position to be their most effective, and enabling everyone to understand our processes and procedures ensures consistent service and quality for our clients. XL University classes cover job-specific material (e.g. understanding job cost reports, labor productivity reports, and estimating formats) as well as more general information (e.g., electronic file management, people management)

Technical Workshops

On a regular basis, we bring in an outside expert to conduct a two-hour workshop on a technical aspect of the construction business. Workshops might cover electrical commissioning, laboratory casework, epoxy floor systems, mold prevention training, fume hood certification, waterproofing, Biohazard Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) issues, concrete mix design, gas/leak detection, storm water discharge, site development, or web collaboration software. The workshops are aimed primarily at project superintendents, project managers, and engineers, but they are open to all employees.

LEED Accreditation Support

Through guided study groups and workshops, XL helps you reach your goal of being a LEED accredited professional. Workshops are 8-hour, interactive classes, conducted by a professional service and are designed to prepare individuals to become LEED accredited. The course accelerates the exam preparation process through discussions, practice questions and a practice exam. Study groups include peer support and professional resources as you study for the exam. Additionally, XL’s LEED accredited professional staff typically manage the LEED process on our projects, providing hands-on opportunities to expand your green experience.

Peer Group Meetings

Once a month, individuals sharing the same job position – e.g., all the project engineers – get together to discuss a topic of specific interest to that group. These meetings, led by a senior manager or project executive, provide important position-specific training.

Together Meetings

As the name implies, these monthly sessions include everyone at the company, especially project managers, project superintendents, engineers, and preconstruction personnel. During these meetings, people who have worked on a recently completed project communicate the lessons learned on that project, sharing ideas and experiences amongst their colleagues. In this way, each individual benefits from the broader experience of all the teams, and as a company we continue to gain in expertise and competence. This information sharing is particularly important for us, because of the large proportion of technical and complex construction projects that we undertake.

Project Engineer Development

We encourage newly hired project engineers to spend time, at the beginning of their careers, as field engineers, cost engineers, and project engineers. We find that this approach not only allows new employees to choose the focus they love best, but also gives them a broader perspective on the other roles, so they can work more effectively in the future.