Safety isn't expensive. It's priceless.


Safety isn’t expensive. It’s priceless.

We build to improve lives, so it’s no surprise that we are absolutely committed to safety. The importance of safety resonates clearly at XL, is championed by our director of safety and risk management, and a team of safety professionals supported by our president and executive staff. This unwavering commitment to safety is communicated through numerous training opportunities to every level of the organization.

Our safety and project teams create a safe work environment using two key programs: a comprehensive Safety Program and a customized Site Specific Safety Program. Each of these programs meets or exceeds OSHA requirements and provides tools that ensure safe practices on our jobsites.

The results say it all. Over 4 million manhours and 8 years of no Lost Time Injuries, an EMR of 0.35, consistent recognition from the CEA and healthy and vibrant people are our proof that our program works.

XL strives to be not only the safest commercial construction company in the industry, but to improve our safety numbers every single year. We invest in our safety program, knowing it makes good business sense, but most importantly recognizing that it is the right thing to do for our employees and our clients. Our primary goal every day is to send our people – and yours – home safe.