Grow your skills and your career


Grow your skills and your career.

How Do You Learn Best?

Wherever you are in your career and whatever you want your next step to be, our XLUniversity (XLU) provides a full suite of training and development offerings to fit your needs and learning style. XL’s approach accelerates your personal and professional development so that you can achieve your career goals. Through internal and external training resources, you gain technical knowledge, develop management and leadership skills, and build self-awareness.

As an XLer, you’ll have access to:

Employee Coaching

Every employee has a “coach” who has been in their role and walked in their shoes. In Employee Coaching, your personal and professional development is mapped out for the future and replaces backwards-looking annual reviews. By focusing on the future, getting real-time performance feedback and development planning, your growth is fast and effective.

Management and Leadership

With offerings provided both in-house and externally, you’ll get to start, improve upon, and refine your management and leadership skills. These critical “soft” skills complement your technical skills and provide future opportunities to be part of company leadership.

XLU In the Field

Project teams host other XL’ers on their project to present a construction process, material, or system happening in real time on the site. The host team shares best-practices and lessons learned on varied topics, helping others leverage what the host team has learned.

Peer Group Meetings

Facilitated by company leaders, Peer Group Meetings promote peer-to-peer learning and bonding. These meetings are for XL’ers who are in the same positions and provide a valuable opportunity to share information and to discuss how to be more effective and efficient.


XL’s Learning Management System provides a centralized location for all learning and development resources. You have a full library of E-learning, certifications, and XLU’s at your fingertips.

XLU Instructor-Led Training

XLU courses are facilitated by subject matter experts held in XL’s training facilities. Topics range from technical construction-specific knowledge to people skills such as human interaction, communication, and emotional intelligence. You can also be an instructor and share your expertise with others.

Lunch ‘n Learns

Lunch ‘n Learns are quick gatherings led by an expert that focus on a technical system, material, application, or process. Topics vary and it’s always great to learn over food!