CEA Honors XL with President’s Safety Award

By Brittany Taormina | Feb 16, 2021 ShareShare

XL was recognized again by the Construction Employers’ Association (CEA) for excellence in safety as the recipient of the 2020 President’s Safety Award. This is the 10th consecutive year we have been awarded this honor.

The President’s Safety Award recognizes contractors who meet at least four of the six following criteria set forth by the CEA:​

  1. ​Total Incident Rate that is 50% below industry average (Industry Average 3.0. XL’s Total Incident Rate .90)
  2. Lost Workday Incident Rate that is 50% below industry average (Industry Average is 1.0. XL’s is 0)
  3. Experience Modification Rate ≤ .70 (XL’s Experience Modification Rate is .40)
  4. Cal/OSHA recognized Voluntary Protection Program Construction (Cal/VPPC) participant
  5. Demonstration of an Active Training Program that includes complete and accurate records containing the number and names of employees trained in (with approximate dates of training): OSHA 10 Hour; First Aid/CPR; Competency in Scaffold, Excavation, and Fall Protection; Other Training. (XL has an active training program and meets the criteria of the application)

This award is a testament to XL’s commitment to safety, even throughout a particularly challenging year with COVID-19, consistent with our safety mantra ‘Think Safe. Work Safe. Home Safe.’


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