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Finding Tech Partners that Empower Your Teams

By XL Editor

Trevor Johnston and Vladislav Grishaev from XL Construction Featured on Built Different Podcast

Director of Construction Technology Trevor Johnston and Construction Technology Project Manager Vlad Grishaev were featured guests on a recent edition of the Built Different podcast.

Hosted by Grant Hagen and Brian Vizarreta, two of the leading voices in the worlds of reality capture and construction tech, the Built Different podcast features innovators on the construction frontlines who cover technology, teams and trendsetters who are casting a vision for a better way to build.

Listen to the full podcast here to get Trevor and Vlad’s insights on about emerging technologies, how to pick technology partners, get buy-in and adoption from project teams for new technologies, and the impact and importance of reality capture.

This episode was recorded at Procore’s 2022 Groundbreak conference.

Date Published: 05.15.2023
Source: Built Different

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