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Project Update · 05.14.2024

UL10: Micro-Housing

Ten projects deliver compact residential spaces that offer more affordable city living options, foster community, and minimize environmental impacts.

Micro-housing can give people an affordable toehold in urban cores by squeezing into tight infill sites and maximizing density. Clever use of space—via built-ins that include Murphy beds that double as storage units while tucked away—and access to generous shared amenities, such as rooftop decks, co-working spaces, and communal dining areas, give residents extra room to breathe.

San Mateo County Navigation Center, Redwood City, California

Part of San Mateo County’s efforts to effectively end homelessness within its borders, the San Mateo County Navigation Center makes use of modular construction to provide 240 units of interim housing for formerly homeless adults and couples or those at imminent risk of being unsheltered. Except for two structures for gathering and communal dining, all buildings consist of modules fabricated off site, allowing the facility to be constructed for only $200,000 per bed. The 240 units include 168 that are 200 square feet (19 sq m) with a private bathroom, and 72 that are 100 square feet (9 sq m) with access to community bathrooms.

Stays are anticipated to last three to six months. On-site support services help clients find and maintain stable housing. Residents can train for food industry careers at the site’s commercial kitchen. To develop the “Step(1) Housing” modular concept, which can be used to create both interim and permanent multifamily housing, The Office of Charles F. Bloszies FAIA, based in San Francisco, worked closely with contractor XL Construction of Milpitas, California. The facility opened in 2023.

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Date Published: 05.14.2024
Source: Urban Land
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