Cargo Buildings 900 & 944

San Francisco International Airport

In renovating Cargo Buildings 900 and 944 at San Francisco International Airport, XL Construction supported the airport’s growing cargo business and allowed the uninterrupted operation of the 24/7 facilities, which handle over 320,000 metric tons of goods annually. XL partnered with Robin Chiang & Co, in a progressive design-build capacity. In Building 900, the interior renovations transformed a single-tenant hanger into a multi-tenant facility. In Building 944, using detailed planning to avoid disrupting the cargo division’s 24-hour, 365-day operations, XL delivered massive structural upgrades, re-roofing, abatement, and building system overhauls such as HVAC. All work on the cargo buildings was successfully completed in close proximity to the AOA security line, which added a whole other set of approvals and logistical hurdles. Primed for years of usefulness, the buildings are now to contemporary codes, including meeting ADA and sustainability requirements.


Progressive Design-Build delivery to repurpose occupied and operational cargo buildings at San Francisco International Airport.