Woodside Elementary School Design Lab, Sellman Multi-Purpose Building and Preschool Building

Woodside Elementary School District

The new Multi-purpose building, Design Lab, and Preschool have transformed the Woodside Elementary School into a state-of-the-art campus. The fast-tracked project included demolition and sitework and was completed while the campus was occupied.
1. Preschool – High ceilings, natural light, exposed structural beams and large fans are highlights of the preschool’s 3,000 s.f. interior. The exterior features an enclosed concrete courtyard, seating for the youngsters and a small sand pit.
2. Design Lab – Also known as the “Markers Studio,” the 1,100 s.f. tech-forward space allows students to practice and perfect their technological skills. Sliding doors transform the interior from one large room to two separate rooms.
3. Sellman Multi-Purpose Room – The new 8,500 s.f. multi-purpose building is equipped with a gym, warming kitchen, and performing arts center (which includes professional theatrical lighting and sound system).