Construction Technology & BIM

Where tech intersects with construction


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Construction Technology

Construction Technology (CT) is where research intersects with construction equipment and materials, applications of machine learning and knowledge-based systems, robotics, 3D printing, internet of things, wearable computing, applications of drones, and construction and safety systems. One area CT is most easily recognized with is Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and BIM Coordination.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) enhances your project by providing improved communication and greater understanding of the project for all team members. BIM gives us the ability to visualize, analyze, plan, and quantify with accuracy every element in the building. The model allows the project team to work efficiently, resulting in more informed decisions and savings to schedule and budget.

BIM is integral to our collaboration process. It enhances the team’s ability to coordinate, communicate, and plan among trades, leading to more effective planning and MEP coordination. When used in a Big Room environment, or even a “virtual” Big Room, the entire project team can share best practices and ideas to reach an optimal design and plan for execution.

  • Parametric modeling (3D)
  • Laser scanning
  • Model QA/QC review
  • Quantity takeoff and estimating (5D)
  • Parking garage design and optimization
  • Energy modeling and analysis
  • Digital mockups
  • Site logistics planning
  • Construction simulation and scheduling (4D)
  • Constructability studies
  • Clash detection/MEP coordination
  • Self-performed work plans and details
  • As-built models enhanced with O&M/facilities data (6D)